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Get our signature WordPress website-starter master file for 100% free.


Fill up the quick form to get the master file of this website. The file is stored on Google Drive in 35 MB .zip format. You need to login to WordPress to use this file.

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One-click Import

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and install All-in-one WP Migration, along with it’s extension (included in zip file). Once installed, import Circle file and follow the instructions. This will overwrites your current WordPress files.

Adjust & Done

Go to ‘Customize’ section, change ‘Site Identity’, clone pages, rename the pages, replace featured images, edit content, do what you gotta do and share your site to the world.

Watch walk-through video below:


Walk-through the process of starting a new website.

Watch this short video of how I kick-start a WordPress website easily with this amazing starter pack in just 10 minutes.


Yes, it is 100% free. Don’t use it if you’re not familiar with migrating sites. I take no responsibilities if there is a data loss or error.

A fully-working, mobile-friendly, SEO-ready and highly-editable website file made in Elementor page-builder. And this whole website is the site that you’ll get from the downloaded file. If you want to know how to edit the site, just search “elementor tutorials” on youtube, they have their own channel, or visit their tutorials on their site: here.

It’s not the design side of it, of course, because you can see that it’s a standard template. It’s all the plugins and custom codes that makes this starter pack special. With this, you can have a fully working WordPress website along with the SEO instantly. For the design part of it, sure, you can use it as it is – I used Elementor’s designs as references for this one.

Yes, but all of the paid plugins are nulled, and it’s 100% legal to use under General Public License (GPL). Just make sure you don’t update the paid plugins, unless you want to pay for it. If you don’t know which one are paid plugins, just don’t update at all and keep the auto-updates disabled. If anything happens, you can search and download paid plugins for free at wplocker.com.

Yes. Just contact me through the contact page and I’ll send you a quotation if I’m available.